Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tenzin B

At two years old our babies begin light work with tack, and are introduced to the jumping chute. Our 2009 gelding Tenzin B (Westporte X Lacros) came into his own this summer and really seemed to enjoy the break from the ordinary. Check out this video of Tenzin free jumping: 

I really love the stallion Westporte from Country Lane Warmbloods as he stamps his young with incredible movement as well as expressive, wide faces with large, charismatic eyes. His foals have also been doing exceptionally well on the line this year, winning everywhere from IHF finals to the Devon Horse show. I am thinking about using him for our mare Vienna next year.  

Our lovely boy Tenzin was sold the the Manning family this past summer. These are some photos that we took of him before he left: 

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